Monday, December 21, 2009


Last year about this time before Christmas,this word make my hair stand up,I do not love it,but where I am going,so many families are touched.This time my partner give me the news,bowel cancer,let's deal with it,how?

English is a second language for me,and please imagine,was not easy to find the right think to say,any way to make the story short was not fun for few months and turn to be nothing to worry about.Good news ,thank God!

At the time I start to google,to find out about anything is possible,and even in libraries,or books stores,and get anything I could.I found a book about the end of January,2009 and it's a wonderful book to read,how to take control of your life after the bad news.

The book is called "CANCER" A Threat To Your Life?Dr.Monica Lewis & Dr.Gerald Lewis.

I think would be a nice present for someone in the situation like this.
Enquires or further book orders :

Take care and Merry Christmas to everybody,Seva.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Diet for you Star Type

Hi,my name is Seva and welcome to my blog!

I just come across with a book "Diet Signs"The Health Signs Diet written by Claire Petulengro.I am one off them people with weight problems.
After seven days dieting,and walking for 30 minutes daily I lost five kilos.
I will try again next year after all the celebrations.The book was published in 2000,I found it 9 years later.
The best thing about diet is made for the each sign category,fire,earth,air,water.There is diet rules,recipes for all the meals recommended and guess what I love it.

I start this blog in January 2009,how strange is that life,at the time I could not work out how to use it,thanks to YouTube I found,How to make a Blog Website Free, Warbeats Tutorials,where was nice and easy explained how to start a blog and I am here writing,I will be back with more interesting news,until then,take care,look after yourself,Seva.