Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is Cancer ?

Human body is made up of trilions cells.Throughout our life,these cells wear out,and are replaced with new cells.If the new cells are imperfect,the immune system recognizes these and destroy them.
Cancer develops when cell duplication goes wrong and for some reason the immune system does not destroy the abnormal cells.
In today's toxic world ,we al develop abnormal cells from time to time but the immune system is able to function and destroy them before they proceed to multiply.
The cancer cells grow where they first occurred,sometimes,small clumps can break of and travel in the blood to other parts of the body,and start growing there - so called metastases or cancer secondaries.
Important way of preventing is to suport the body's immune system.

Our immune system is so powerful,cancer should never be considered incurable.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vitamin C can perform miracles

A tremendous amount of research has proved that vitamins C is vitally important in overcoming infections. During the few decades Dr.Fred R.Klenner has used massive quantities of vitamin C in treating patients of all ages suffering from such serious illnesses as encephalitis,meningitis,poliomyelitis,virus pneumonia,tetanus,or lockjaw,and many other infections.usualy those patients had an extremely high fever,,unconscious,and many had been given up earlier by physicians who believed them to be beyond help; some appeared to be dying, and in one case rigor mortis had actually set in.

Scars can be prevented

Vitamin E is good to prevent scars from burns, and often soothes the pain is well. Research indicates that vitamin E is unique in playing a role in a wider variety of body functions than almost any other nutrient. Reports from others countries, that vitamin E is valuable preventing miscarriages, and treating heart disease.

 Thus vitamin E applied locally and taken internally has proved invaluable during skin grafting. An abnormality in which scar tissue forms on the penis, causing pain on erection and often resulting in impotency Peyronie’s disease, has been corrected, within few months, when 200 or 300 milligrams of vitamin E have been given daily.

Facial scars, which often cause life-long psychological damage, can be prevented by vitamin E and sometimes old scars can be removed.

Scars inside the body. The contraction of scar tissue formed in the urinary bladder as a result of ulcers it to shrink until almost no urine can be held, when vitamin E has been given, the capacity of the bladder has been increased, and pain subsided.


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