Thursday, July 29, 2010


Drugs can alleviate symptoms of artrites, but they do little to alter the underlying disease, which usually continues to degenerate. Dr.Phillip Alexander mentioned also this process of symptom amelioration with ongoing tissue and health deterioration can last for years by which time the overworked liver’s ability to metabolize the drug medications down to non-toxic metabolites is becoming compromised.

As a result of the tired liver’s inability to “keep up” the mild drug side effects experienced at the beginning of treatment are now becoming significant side effects for which more drugs are often prescribed.

Such incapacitation wrought by the side effects of too many drugs per patient is a huge drain on the human capital of the nation and, via the pharmaceutical benefit scheme (PBS), a massive and unnecessary drain on the nations financial reserves soaking up government revenue that could be spent more beneficially elsewhere.

Arthritis for instance is a wide spread chronic degenerative condition that costs the nation a fortune via the PBS.

The drugs used to treat the symptoms of arthritis, in some cases, aggravate and perpetuate the disease process.

Bones and cartilage are constantly being worn away and re-built as are the other joint tissues - ligaments, tendons and synovial membranes.


There are a number of reasons for joint (indeed all) tissue decay.

Uncontrolled oxidation is the main one. Most joint decay is a result of rust. Our joints don’t wear out so much as that they rust out.

Free radical chemicals cause joints to rust.

Free radical chemicals are many and varied; they can be the chemical medicines we take, the pollutants from our air, water and food (chemical flavourings, colourings and preservatives),
or the endotoxins from bacterial or viral infections, or naturally occurring oxygen free radicals in the air we breathe.

Five percent of the oxygen we breathe in escapes the orderly process of the energy cycle and escapes off into the body to oxidize = inflame tissue. People who exercise hard and often, breathe in 20 times more oxygen than sedentary people, which is one reason their joints wear out faster if they don’t take supplementary antioxidants.

Errors of metabolism can produce powerful free radicals such as the toxic chemical homocysteine that is produced in greater quantity in vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid deficient people.

Homocysteine both attacks the joints directly and agitates the immune system to attack them as typical auto-immune reactions.

Low levels of the hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone can cause a particular part of the immune system called Th1 cellular immunity to run wild. Increased Th1 activity is a major promoter of rheumatoid arthritis even in young women. Rheumatoid arthritis suffering women in their twenties and thirties often have trouble conceiving a pregnancy, their oestrogen and progesterone levels are so low.

Multiple micronutrient (vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, mixed anti oxidants etc) deficiency is a major cause of joint tissue deterioration because:

The reality is that today we cannot get from our food the quantity of micro nutrients needed to keep the parallel processes of joint decay and regeneration in balance.

Though the evidence has not been missed by the American Medical Association AMA which has ratified it to the point of officially advising all Americans (see AMA journal – JAMA 2002; 287:3116-29) to take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement every day to help prevent chronic degenerative disease.