Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good life,good food,over forty....gout?

Another day,at work,and my boss was limping today and last week was the same,I asked what's wrong?"I have a good life I enjoy my food,and my bear he said.I heard the name of the disease before,but I ignore it,I am over forty,and I need to know more about it.

I found out that gout is a type of arthritis.

Gout is not a very pleasant disease,is nasty,I checked out my friend feet and I wasn't impressed.I know what you going to say there is drugs for it ,but my friend has high blood pressure and is not that easy.

We have to look for some alternative treatment for gout
A gout attack is painful,and often occurs in the big toe joint,my friend case,knee,ankle,and elbow.Alcohol ,overeating,dieting can trigger a gout attack.

That's because many people can have extremely high levels of uric acid in their body, but not show any symptoms of gout.

Some people just naturally store high levels of uric acid and there's no cause for alarm - so long as there is no evidence of gout forming.

However, it is true that gout's most likely to form in those who already have hyperuricemia (high levels of Uric Acid in their blood) and are carrying a few extra pounds...

The connection between gout and being overweight has been proven in various clinical studies.

And for for those who do get gout in a joint, it means that the uric acid in your blood has collected and crystallized... Usually causing your joint to swell up to two or three times it's normal size.

Even a casual brush against a sore, gout-ridden toe can result in you suffering searing agony.

Roughly 2.1 million people in the United States suffer from gout, according to the National Institute of Health...

And 9 out of 10 of those are men, with most of them diagnosed between the ages of 40 and 50.

But, as women head into their 60's and enter menopause their incidence rate of gout increases dramatically.

The condition is rarer in men and women of "average" weight or in people under 40 years of age...

And given that the disease is often linked with being overweight and with a continued build up of uric acid over years, the older a person is when the first symptoms appear the more mild the condition is likely to be...

And not surprisingly, the triggers that cause gout attacks are almost exactly the same for everyone -

For example, in a recent survey was carried out, 133 gout sufferers revealed to us that the food most likely to trigger gout attacks for them was red meat... followed by beer.

After few hours online I found some more information,from people who suffered,and they write more about how to fight gout....read more

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cancer,cancer and more cancer

Micrograph of a colorectal villous adenoma. Vi...Image via Wikipedia

Few days ago I had a strange dream,where a person,which past away three years ago mention a name of a good friend of us.Soon I remembered my dream I made a phone call and the person has bowel cancer and liver cancer.

 The person from  my dream died because of colon cancer.I am not finish yet because I was worried with my bills,and not much work,and looking for some jobs I came across with another bad news.A person very dear to me I admire her hospitality and her kindness lost her home in fire,when she was away for cancer operation.So far so many people are touched by that horrible disease,cancer.
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