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How To Rub Your Stomach Away

     How To Rub Your Stomach Away,is one my hundreds of books,I have,10% are health books and 5% of them are about how to loose weight.Is a very little book only 16 pages,where I find a easy way of loosing some weight from around the belly.
Stephen T.Chang,M.D. wrote this book in 1985,and maybe many of you knows about.
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"As one gets older, exercising the stomach and abdominal area becomes increasingly difficult.It's not a very good idea to be doing sit-ups after age of forty,unless you are now,and have been,engaged, in a regular exercise program for some time.The problem is that, unlike most of the other body extremities, the abdominal area cannot be directly controlled."

The Crane Exercise-is very simple, is a source of ancient Chinese wisdom.The simple method of weight loss is only one from a series of ancient self-healing exercises called Internal Energizing Exercises.These Internal Exercises are named , appropriately enough,after the animals from which they are taken -the Deer, the Crane, and the Turtle.

Internal Exercises are the very opposite of exercise like swimming,boxing,football,tennis

The simplest and the most natural way to lose weight is by this effortless two minute exercise.

The first part begins by lying flat on your back.Relax.Put the palm of your hand on your naval.Then simply rub - nothing more,if you are right- handed use your right, if you are left handed use your left.Then start to rub clock -wise from the center,that it is,from right to left,first in small circles and then gradually expand the movement,then reverse it,rubbing counterclockwise in smaller and smaller circles until you are back to the center of the navel.You needn't press down with any force.Rub slowly and with gentle pressure.Repeat this clockwise and counterclockwise motion as long as you feel comfortable,or have time to do so.

In the first part of the exercise, then, this electricity from your own hand gently massages the intestines,the blood vessels,and the digestive and eliminatory systems.Fatty accumulations and deposits are disturbed from their resting place and eventually broken up.They are then passed into the eliminatory system and out of the body.

The Crane Exercise should be performed twice a day or more if you like while lying on your back.
The best times to do it are first thing in the morning upon awakening,and then again just before you go to sleep.
Before I start writing the article,I tried the exercise once, feel great, good luck with that and let me know how you feel about it.

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